Leverage Customer Engagement with Newsletters

April 21, 2022

solidoBOOKING is excited to introduce its latest feature: Newsletter Integration. This powerful tool is designed to optimize engagement with your existing customer base. Newsletters offer an effective way to keep your clients informed about your services, current promotions, and operational hours. They are particularly useful for highlighting special offers and gift vouchers, especially during holiday seasons.

To encourage customer interaction, consider adding exclusive, time-sensitive promotions such as a 10% bonus on voucher purchases. Additionally, our collaboration with renowned email marketing platforms like CleverReach and Mailchimp ensures that your newsletter distribution is not only impactful but also complies with legal standards. While these platforms are recommended for their efficiency and compliance, solidoBOOKING's system also seamlessly integrates with other email tools, including Outlook, giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred method of communication.