The booking software and gift card shop for Trampoline

Trampoline hall operators need an efficient booking system to inform their customers about all available offers and packages at any time. With solidoBOOKING, this can be done quickly and easily. Customers can make bookings at any time and from anywhere without the hall operator having to waste time and resources on administration.

With solidoBOOKING, trampoline hall operators benefit from a reliable and user-friendly system that saves time and resources while increasing customer satisfaction. Take advantage of solidoBOOKING and optimise your booking and voucher system now!


Streamlined Operations and Efficient Management

Optimize operations and enhance efficiency by utilizing the booking system to streamline processes and manage customer bookings effectively

Enhanced Safety Measures and Capacity Management

Prioritize safety by implementing capacity limits through the booking system, ensuring a secure environment for trampoline park visitors

Personalized Gift Card Offers and Customer Loyalty

Drive customer loyalty and attract new visitors with personalized gift card offers available through the gift card shop, fostering a strong connection with the trampoline park brand


Session Management and Capacity Control

solidoBOOKING enables efficient session management and capacity control for trampoline parks. It allows customers to book specific time slots, ensuring that the park operates within safe capacity limits. Trampoline park owners canoptimize resource allocation, avoid overcrowding, and maintain a smooth flow of visitors.

Jump Passes and Package Deals

The integrated voucher shop offers various jump passes and package deals for customers to choose from. Customers can purchase single-session passes, multi-visit packages, or special combo deals that include additional services or attractions. This featureprovides flexibility for customers and encourages repeat visits, boosting revenue for the trampoline park.

Online Booking and Reservation Management

solidoBOOKING provides an online booking platform for customers to conveniently reserve their trampoline park sessions. Trampoline park owners can easily manage and track bookings, view availability in real-time, and send automated confirmations and reminders to customers. This featurestreamlines the reservation process and enhances customer satisfaction.

Gift Cards and Voucher Sales

solidoBOOKING includes a dedicated gift card shop, allowing customers to purchase gift cards for trampoline park experiences. Trampoline park owners can generate additional revenue by offering gift cards as gifts or incentives. The system tracks voucher sales andsimplifies the redemption process, providing a seamless gift-giving experience for customers.

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