The booking software and gift card shop for Blacklight Minigolf

Blacklight mini golf is a popular leisure attraction where players play a specially lit mini golf course with neon colours and fluorescent effects. This attraction is particularly popular with children and young people and offers a fun way to get active and have fun.

For operators of black light mini golf facilities it is important to have a booking system that helps them to manage and monitor all bookings. With solidoBOOKING you can do this easily and effectively. The booking system offers many features to manage all bookings and keep track of them. In addition, customers can buy vouchers online for self-printing, which gives you the opportunity to market and manage their leisure attractions even more easily.

Blacklight Minigolf


Flexible Slot-Overlapping Bookings

solidoBOOKING's advanced algorithm allows for slot-overlapping bookings, enabling larger group bookings for blacklight minigolf. This featureoptimizes the utilization of the minigolf course by accommodating multiple groups simultaneously, enhancing the overall experience and increasing revenue potential.

Seamless Online Booking and Reservation Management

With the user-friendly online booking platform, customers can easily reserve their preferred time slots for blacklight minigolf sessions. solidoBOOKINGstreamlines the reservation process, enabling customers to check availability, select suitable time slots, and receive instant confirmations. It also provides intuitive reservation management tools for the facility owners.

Customizable Packages and Add-Ons

The integrated voucher shop offers customizable packages and add-ons for blacklight minigolf. Facility owners cancreate enticing packages that include multiple rounds of minigolf, refreshments, or additional attractions. This feature enhances the customer experience, provides flexibility in pricing options, and encourages repeat visits.

Gift Card Shop and Special Occasion Offers

The dedicated gift card shop allows customers to purchase gift cards specifically for blacklight minigolf experiences. Additionally, the system provides special occasion offers, such as birthday or anniversary packages, which include discounted rates or exclusive perks. These featuresattract new customers, promote gift-giving opportunities, and boost revenue.

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