The booking software and gift card shop for Axe Throwing

Axe is a great way to exercise in a different way and improve concentration and coordination. For operators of axe throwing attractions it is important to have a booking management system that allows customers to book online and order gift vouchers in an automated way.

Such a booking system offers many advantages for both the operator and the customer. The operator has the possibility to centrally manage and monitor all bookings. In this way, he can ensure that all bookings run smoothly and that all customers are satisfied. In addition, he can keep track of the bookings with the help of reporting functions and manage the attraction effectively.

Axe Throwing

Enhanced Efficiency and Revenue Optimization

Effortlessly manage axe throwing reservations, optimize resource allocation, and maximize revenue potential with a comprehensive booking system and integrated gift card shop

Seamless Customer Experience and Easy Gift Card Redemption

Provide a seamless and convenient customer experience with a user-friendly online booking system and hassle-free gift card redemption, ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat business

Increased Reach and Customer Acquisition

Attract new customers and expand your reach by tapping into the popularity of gift cards and offering them through your dedicated gift card shop, driving bookings and fostering customer loyalty


Dynamic Lane Configuration and Target Customization

solidoBOOKING allows for dynamic lane configuration, accommodating different group sizes and skill levels. It also enables target customization, letting axe throwing venues create unique challenges and themes for an engaging and immersive experience. Customers can select their preferred lane setup and target designs,enhancing the excitement and personalization of their axe throwing sessions.

Gift Card Shop

The integrated gift card shop feature allows customers to purchase and redeem gift cards for axe throwing experiences. It provides a convenient way for customers to give the gift of axe throwing to friends, family, or colleagues. This feature helpsboost sales, attract new customers, and promote customer loyaltythrough gift card purchases and redemptions.

Online Reservation Management

solidoBOOKING offers online reservation management tools, allowing axe throwing venue owners to easily manage bookings, availability, and capacity. Owners can set session durations, define lane availability, and monitor reservations in real-time. This feature helpsoptimize resource allocation, prevent overbooking, and provide a seamless booking experiencefor both customers and venue staff.

Automated Communication and Reminders

solidoBOOKING includes automated communication and reminder features, keeping customers informed and engaged throughout their axe throwing experience. It can send booking confirmations, reminders, and updates via email or other preferred communication channels, ensuring customers stay informed about their reservation details. This feature helpsreduce no-shows, improves customer communication, and enhances overall customer satisfaction.

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