The booking software and gift card shop for Bowling

Bowling alley operators face the challenge of providing their customers with an easy and accessible way to book their offers and packages. That's where solidoBOOKING comes in: our reservation and voucher system allows customers to make reservations at any time and from anywhere. This process is intuitive and fast, without unnecessary complications.


Maximize Revenue with Advanced Lane Reservations

Increase profitability by optimizing lane reservations and reducing wait times

Seamless Online Booking and Gift Card Redemption

Enhance convenience for bowlers with an intuitive online booking system and hassle-free gift card redemption

Personalized Promotions and Customer Loyalty

Drive customer engagement and loyalty through customized offers and loyalty programs available via the gift card shop


Advanced Reservation Management

solidoBOOKING offers sophisticated reservation management capabilities,allowing bowling facility owners to efficiently handle bookings. It includes features such as real-time availability tracking, easy scheduling, lane assignment, and resource allocation. Owners can seamlessly manage and organize reservations, ensuring a smooth and streamlined process for both staff and customers.

Customizable Lane and Equipment Selection

solidoBOOKING provides a user-friendly interface that allows customers to choose their preferred lanes and equipment. They can select specific lane types, such as standard or VIP lanes, and customize their bowling experience with shoe sizes, ball weights, and other equipment preferences. This featureenhances the customer's control over their bowling experience, resulting in increased satisfaction and enjoyment.

Marketing and Promotional Tools

solidoBOOKING includes built-in marketing and promotional tools to help bowling facility owners attract and engage customers. It offers features like personalized offers, discount codes, and package deals, allowing owners to create targeted promotions and campaigns. These tools helpdrive customer acquisition, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately boost revenue for the bowling facility.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration

solidoBOOKING integrates with a CRM platform, allowing bowling facility owners to manage customer information, track customer interactions, and build lasting relationships. It enables owners to capture and analyze customer data, including preferences, visit history, and feedback. With this feature, owners can personalize customer experiences, offer targeted promotions, and implement loyalty programs, fostering stronger connections with their customers.

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