The booking software and gift card shop for Escape Rooms

solidoBOOKING is software that helps Escape Room operators manage reservations and gift certificates. It automates and simplifies processes, allowing them to focus exclusively on the players.

Escape Rooms

Increased Bookings and Immersive Experiences

Attract more bookings and offer immersive experiences with a user-friendly booking system and the option to purchase themed gift cards

Streamlined Operations and Enthusiast Satisfaction

Streamline your escape room operations with an integrated booking system, ensuring seamless gift card redemption and satisfying enthusiast demands

Effective Marketing and Brand Promotion

Harness the potential of the gift card shop to implement targeted marketing strategies, drive customer engagement, and promote your escape room brand.


Real-Time Availability and Dynamic Scheduling

solidoBOOKING provides real-time availability and dynamic scheduling for escape room bookings. Customers can easily view available time slots, select their preferred room, and book instantly. The system ensuresaccurate availability information, avoiding overbooking and maximizing room utilization.

Customizable Themes and Difficulty Levels

solidoBOOKING allows escape room owners to createcustomizable themes and difficulty levels for their rooms. Owners can design unique storylines, puzzles, and challenges to offer a diverse range of experiences. Customers can choose rooms based on their preferred themes and difficulty levels, enhancing their immersive and tailored escape room adventure.

Voucher Redemption and Tracking

The integrated voucher shop allows customers to purchase and redeem vouchers for escape room experiences. The system tracks voucher usage, ensuring easy redemption and accurate record-keeping. Escape room owners can monitor voucher sales,measure the effectiveness of promotional campaigns, and encourage repeat visits through voucher incentives.

Online Booking Management and Customer Communication

solidoBOOKING provides comprehensive online booking management tools for escape room owners. It allows owners to easily manage bookings, update availability, and communicate with customers through automated confirmation emails and reminders. This featurestreamlines the booking process, reduces administrative workload, and enhances customer satisfaction.

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