The booking software and gift card shop for the leisure industry

Innovate your venue, boost your sales, and attract new customers.

Everyone can easily book their favourite activities and purchase gift cards from anywhere: at home, at the venue, or on the go!

Booking and gift cards from anywhere

Why solidoBOOKING?

Streamlined Operations

Efficiently manage reservations, track availability, and allocate resources, reducing manual effort and optimizing workflow

Increased Revenue Generation

Capitalize on gift card popularity, boost sales, and attract new visitors by incorporating a convenient gift card shop

Enhanced Customer Experience

Conveniently reserve preferred activities, reduce wait times, and easily gift experiences, creating memorable moments and fostering loyalty

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

Gain valuable insights into customer preferences, booking patterns, and sales trends to make data-driven decisions and improve business performance

Marketing and Promotional Opportunities

Launch targeted campaigns, personalized offers, and discounts to attract new customers, incentivize repeat visits, and build a strong online presence

Inventory and Resource Management

Real-time visibility into activity availability, equipment, and staff, optimizing utilization and preventing overbooking for cost savings and maximum capacity

Booking Software

Grow and automate access to your venue

The time of using Excel tables or handwritten calendar is over. You don't have to worry anymore of keeping track of all the reservations and manually adjust them to your needs. With solidoBOOKING this will all be done automatically: your customers can book at any time, conveniently from home or on the way with any mobile device.

solidoBOOKING checks the reservation automatically and sends a confirmation e-mail to the customer and upon request to you. You can have an overview in real time from anywhere with informative statistics about your facility usage.

Booking at any time

Gift Card Shop

Increase sales and retain costumers

Thanks to solidoBOOKING your costumers can reserve for themselves and also gift a special experience to friends, family and work colleagues. This will allow you to attract new costumers and increase your sales. In addition, you will be able to create special offers tailored to retain your current customers but also to attract new ones.

solidoBOOKING provides an online-shop for vouchers as well as physical gift cards that can be sold directly at your venue.

Vouchers and gift cards


Flexible Pricing for Every Need – Pay Monthly with No Fixed Contract

Choose the freedom to cancel anytime. Not satisfied? No strings attached – cancel your contract with us whenever you wish.

Select the Ideal Payment Method for Each of Your Offers – We Cater to All Choices

Whether your business requires online payments, on-site payments, or down payments, our diverse packages are designed to accommodate every need. We ensure transparency in pricing: no additional fees per booking or per person. Optional online payments incur a nominal fee of 5% + €0.50.



Ideal for focused businesses aiming to streamline operations and offer customers a hassle-free booking experience.

  • Support for 1 attraction
  • Comprehensive booking platform
  • Unlimited offers and users
  • Integrated gift card platform
  • Email support



Tailored for medium to large businesses looking to manage multiple attractions and provide a cohesive customer experience.

  • Support for up to 3 attractions
  • Advanced booking platform with add-ons and upsells
  • Unlimited offers and users
  • Integrated gift card platform
  • Personal account manager
  • Comprehensive support via email and phone


Price Upon Request

Designed for businesses with unique needs or specific integration requirements.

  • Support for unlimited attractions across one or more facilities
  • Advanced booking platform with add-ons and upsells
  • Unlimited offers and users
  • Integrated gift card platform
  • Custom website
  • Customer success manager
  • Extensive support via email and phone


How can one make a reservation?

Your customers can book at any time from anywhere, conveniently from home or on the way with any mobile device. solidoBOOKING can be used from a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet and even a smartphone, wherever an internet connection is available.

Can I get an overview in real time?

You can keep track of all reservations and assign your staff flexibly. solidoBOOKING will automatically notify you by email when a high number of reservations arrives, so that you can directly schedule more staff.

Can it be accessed by different users at the same time?

Every employee gets his own code and they can enter reservations simultaneously from different workstations. You can decide easily who may book, change or see what information. Employees can enter reservations only with their own code, so you can always see which employee has entered which reservation. Accounting errors by the personnel will be removed.

Can I offer custom gift cards?

Gift cards and vouchers can be customized to satisfy every need. Value coupons are perfect for every occasion like birthdays and anniversaries. Special offer gift cards and discounts can attract new customers and increase sales. Fidelity cards and score cards are used to retain the best customers.

Can I also sell physical gift cards?

For the customers who are already at your venue or prefer offline payment you have the chance to sell physical gift cards and vouchers directly there. Of course, you can choose custom designs and offers.

Can I import my old data?

No matter which kind of method you have worked with, we take care of moving your previous reservations to the new system.

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